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About Me

I have served the Greater Sacramento Area as a musician and teacher for the past eight years and I love it here. I graduated from CSU Sacramento State as a drumset instrumentalist. I love what I do and it makes me so happy to be able to share my passion with others. 

What I do

​All ages, all levels, all genres, what are your goals.
Are you a complete beginner? Looking to clean things up? Or ready to get serious?

Technique, Music Theory, Composition, and Improvisation are the backbone of my lesson plan.


What I teach includes: Drums, Bass, Guitar, Ukulele, Mandolin, Theory


Come Get A Free Trial

Monthly Pricing for weekly lessons:


30min $125

45min $190
60min $250


Pricing for single lessons:


60min $70


Band Lessons
I teach Band lessons as well, always looking for:
Singers, Guitar Players, Bass Players, Drummers, and Keyboardists. Experience required.
Students learn how to improvise and "jam," read lead sheets, and perform challenging but fun music of all genres.

Inquire about openings and auditions.


I teach in-person lessons at my home

Facetime/Zoom/Skype offered Monday-Friday



1920 21st Street, Sacramento 95811


Contact me to schedule a free introductory lesson!

One on one 45 minute session so we can introduce ourselves, asses your skill level, and establish goals. 

Then its right to playing.

Shoot me a call or text to get started, I offer flexible scheduling.
Other Services offered include but are not limited to:
Instrument repair and setup
Drum tuning.
Drum head replacement.


Catch My Band Mookatite!

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Students Learn to Read and Write rhythms on a page, guide a band, and deconstruct grooves with just their ear. My studio is equipped with Several kits including electronics and recording equipment to cover all genres from Jazz to the modern Pop Drummer.


Wanna play along to your favorite songs? Wanna write your own songs? Play in a band? Improvise, solo, make noise? I teach you to understand the instrument and everything you are doing methodically so you can turn your creative ideas into music.

Image by Eric Parks
Image by freestocks


Grove, feel, leadership, and bottom end is what bass is all about. You will learn to lock in with a drummer, drive the music, and hit people in the chest with a full low-end tone. Students learn to walk a bassline, improvise groves on the spot, read chord sheets, and map the fingerboard.


The perfect instrument for someone looking to get into music, or a musician looking for a lovely sounding portable tool. Ukuleles are accessible in price, perfect for smaller hands, and directly translate to the guitar.

Image by Aaron Burden
Image by John Lyttle


Is bluegrass your thing? Want something small and portable that you can rip lead lines on all day? A beautiful and unique instrument, great for any musician to have in their arsenal.


Feel confident on your instrument? Want to learn how to Compose? Analyze Music? Improvise confidently at jam sessions? Or maybe you're looking for tutoring for your music classes. I teach theory all day every day and would be happy to pass that on to you.

Sheet Music
Image by ThisisEngineering RAEng


Musicians are DIY'ers by nature. In today's world, you need to know how to repair your own instruments, record yourself, mix performances or put a show together. Let me know what expertise you're looking for.


916 801 4665

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